Welcome to Gamers For Hope

Welcome to Gamers For Hope our mission is to leverage the universal language of gaming to support charitable causes. Through marathon gaming events and community engagement, we bring together gamers from all walks of life to make a real difference in the world. Through harnessing the influence of the gaming community we are able to host events supporting the Stand Up to Cancer Foundation and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.


Gamers Against Cancer

48 hour long marathon supporting the SU2C foundation. With over 3 thousand dollars raised in past events this is one of our main events!

Gamers Against Suicide

72 hour long marathon supporting the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. This is by far our longest event and hopefully one of our most fun events. 


Gamers For Hope

Express events throughout the year to keep the community interacting and to spread GFH cheer throughout the rest of the calendar year.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I participate in a gaming marathon?

To participate in a gaming marathon, simply sign up through our website. We welcome all games to apply for our upcoming events!

How does Gamers For Hope support charities?

Gamers For Hope supports charities through fundraising events, and awareness campaigns, ensuring that every gaming event makes a real-world impact.

How can I contribute if I am not a speedrunner?

You can contribute by donating to our causes, volunteering for events, or spreading the word about our missions and events.

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About us

Gamers For Hope is a pioneering Charity Marathon Organization dedicated to harnessing the power of gaming for charitable causes. With a belief in the positive impact of gaming, we create and support events that not only entertain but also give back to the community. Our initiatives range from gaming marathons to community engagement activities, all designed to bring hope and support to those in need. By joining hands with gamers, sponsors, and charities worldwide, we strive to make a difference one game at a time.